Imunify360 protects all our elastic hosting services!

Imunify360 protects all our elastic hosting services!

A website is a vital resource for business, that must be protected from the ever looming and constantly evolving threats that lurk on the open internet today. Fortunately, by hosting with us your website gains the strength and protection of a powerful repellant to abuse in Imunify360, which protects our hosting infrastructure.

Imunify360 protects your website data in a number of ways, including:

 • Stops brute force login attempts cold

 • Sophisticated intrusion detection and prevention system

 • Scans for and quarantines malware, automatically restoring clean files from backup

 • KernelCare checks for kernel security patches every four hours and patches our linux kernels immediately

You won't find better protection for your website, and it's available free with all of our elastic and cloud hosting. It is also available as a paid addon to dedicated cloud servers.

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