3 Benefits of Working With an Email Hosting Service

3 Benefits of Working With an Email Hosting Service

Email is still one of the most powerful tools out there to help communicate with your employees, as well as your customers. Since your business email is so important for your company’s success, you might consider working with an email hosting service. There are so many benefits that you might not have even thought of, so let’s take a look at a few of them.

Email Servers Are Secure

If you plan to use email server hosting services, all data that is sent and received by the service will be encrypted until you log out. This makes it very hard for hackers or other unwanted viewers to get their hands on all of your information. Some hosting providers have a 128-bit encryption built into their servers to continuously maintain your web security.

You’ll Never Run Out of Storage

Email servers (a Microsoft exchange alternative) offer their clients a ton of storage per mailbox. Depending on how much you pay for your service, you can opt for either a megabyte or gigabyte storage capacity. Regardless of which capacity you choose, you’ll always have more than enough room. Speak with your service provider and see if it would be easy to upgrade storage in the future if you need it.

The Chances of Being Infected with Viruses and Spam Are Very Low

If the server you choose is reliable, they will be able to block any spam or infected emails way before it gets into the network. As of September 2017, spam messages made up 59.56% of e-mail traffic worldwide. The hosts are usually equipped with virus scanners that take a look at every incoming message. The scanners will then determine if it’s a bad message or a good message. Only then will it be sent to your inbox (if it's a good message, of course).

Email hosting services are the perfect email solutions for small businesses. No longer are the days of worrying about viruses hitting your computers or running out of storage. The email hosting service will have you covered.

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