Texas sales tax (for Texas residents only)

Texas sales tax (for Texas residents only)

We've moved our headquarters to Texas! Our physical equipment has been colocated at the Carrier-1 data center in Dallas for many years, and for various reasons both business and political, we've relocated the company as well.

This will require us to begin collecting sales tax from our clients in Texas, but there will be no change to the amount billed. We will use inclusive sales tax so your costs will remain the same. (In other words, you'll be charged the same amount and our sales tax liabilities will be deducted from that and paid to the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts.)

This will affect all products and services we offer, but only to residents of the state of Texas. Texas residents should begin seeing the sale tax itemized on our invoices effective tomorrow (January 23, 2021).

at 01/22/2021, 13:32pm

Updated: at 01/22/2021, 13:32pm

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Welcome to Texas!!! I have been so busy this year I completely missed this announcement.

Anonymous | at 05/27/2021, 23:27pm
Troy - at 05/31/2021, 15:09pm