Upcoming minor price adjustments

Upcoming minor price adjustments

Back in mid 2019, cPanel signficantly raised their pricing. A year later, they raised their pricing yet again! We posted this blog article about it, and also detailed some of the pricing changes that would be made. However, we have yet to raise pricing (except for newer clients and a few opted in new reseller plans.) We can no longer sustain these prices the new cPanel pricing, and unfortunately the following price adjustments will be made 30 days from now.

During the intervening time, we've seriously contemplated switching control panels, but we felt none of the alternatives quite measured up to cPanel. We looked long and hard at several options, but finally opted to stick with the industry leader.

Reseller Plans

We had planned to restructure our resller plans at the beginning of 2021, but we've held off until now. All reseller plans will be moved to the new tiers documented at https://mediaserve.com/reseller-hosting.php basied on number of accounts and storage used.

Managed VPS Plans

Most VPS plans have been updated long ago, but a few remain to be adjusted. You can view current pricing on our Managed VPS page.

Medium Hosting Plans

Our Medium hosting plan price will increase by $2.00 per month. The reality is that our Medium plan should have been priced (and was for a time years ago) at $10.00 per month. The $8.00 price was odd and out of kilter as it was, with the Small plan being $5.00 and the Large plan being $15.00.

We truly hate to have to make these adjustments, and we've put it off for nearly three years, but unfortunately we can no longer avoid these small changes. Our cPanel licensing costs now represent nearly double our monthly data center costs! (more than our costs for server cabinet space, power and bandwidth.)

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