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Troy Articles

cPanel licensing and pricing changes

in Announcements

cPanel, the vendor of arguably the world's most well known Linux web hosting control panel, announced significant changes to their pricing model back in June of 2019. When it was announced on their discussion forum, it generated 40...

New payment method: E-Check / ACH

in Announcements

We've just added a new payment method "E-Check / ACH", as an alternative to using credit or debit cards. This payment method links your bank account to your MediaServe account for automatic payments. To use this form of payment, please access...

Our take on big tech censorship

in Announcements

The first amendment to the US Constitution prohibits any restriction on the free exercise of religion or speech. Many believe this restriction applies to all, but legally it only applies to state actors--government agencies basically. The first...

Check out the new forum!

in Announcements

Back in 2018 we installed a forum module meant to integrate with our system. We never officially announced it, but a few clients found and used it for a brief period of time. Sadly, after some system updates, the forum module began exhibiting...

Texas sales tax (for Texas residents only)

in Announcements

We've moved our headquarters to Texas! Our physical equipment has been colocated at the Carrier-1 data center in Dallas for many years, and for various reasons both business and political, we've relocated the company as...

New security system deployed

in Announcements

Because we place a high value on website/server security, we're constantly keeping tabs on developments in security software and services that will help us provide the highest level of confidence to our clients. For the past year or so, an...