Conservative Web Hosting

Why Conservative Website Hosting?

Freedom of speech is arguably a prerequisite of democracy, yet here in the USA and across much of the western democratic world, speech that defies official government, corporate and leftist narratives is being suppressed to an alarming degree.

Popular online services like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and others are some of the worst offenders. The so-called mainstream media as well.

Many online publishers have become increasingly concerned about being deplatformed, a newly coined term that has made its way into the Mirriam-Webster dictionary as of 2021. Losing one's ability to speak one's mind online is a huge concern for many. Online free speech is crucial to our democracy, with so many of us turning to the internet as our source of news, information and opinion.

We published a blog article in early 2021 to express our feelings on the issue of big tech censorship, which is worth a read.

We are a family company, and our family is politically and socially conservative to libertarian. We are not so much a conservative web host as we are a freedom loving, US Constitution supporting family doing our best to serve our clients with the tools they need to maintain a thriving online presence.

That's not to say that all content is welcome on our network. We do choose to avoid hosting obscene or illegal content, and we provide robust security against hacking and spamming. Outside of those reasonable restrictions, our clients need not worry that their online content will be censored or suppressed in any way.

We own and maintain our own equipment, and avoid relationships with or reliance upon bit tech corporations involved in the censorship and deplatforming game. We are happy to host your content regardless of your political or religious perspective. The free flow of information and ideas is essential to democracy. Without them democracy will not long survive.

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