How can I retrieve or reset a forgotten cPanel, FTP or Frontpage password?

With our cPanel hosting, your control panel username and password are also your FTP username and password, and your Frontpage username and password. This information can be used to retrieve or reset this password, which will affect all three services - control panel, FTP and Frontpage (if the Frontpage extensions are installed).

If you need to view or change this password, follow these steps:

1. Log into the services area of your account here.

2. Click the View Details button to the right of the service plan you wish to view or change, to access your service details. All of your important details can be found within the tabs of this page.

3. If you wish to change the control panel password, click the Change Password tab, enter and then confirm the new password, and click the Save Changes button.

Note: Additional FTP accounts created in the FTP Accounts section of your control panel are not affected, and we keep no records of those passwords. If you cannot remember the password for an additional FTP account, you can reset it from within the FTP Accounts area of your control panel.

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