How do I access my website control panel?

You can access your cPanel control panel via a direct link, or through your MEDIASERVE account.

The direct link to your control panel can be reached at, (where is your actual hosted domain name rather than This method will not work if you haven't yet pointed your hosting to us by configuring your domain name to use our dns servers.

You can also access your cPanel control panel from within your MediaServe account, by following these steps:

1. Log in to the client area.

2. Click on your hosting plan in the “Your Active Products/Services” box in the middle of the page to go to your service details.

3. Click the “Login to cPanel” link on the left side of the page while viewing your service details.

The direct access method is handy for those who have a web developer who needs access to the control panel, but shouldn't access your account. For those with access to the account, we recommend using the Login to cPanel link within your service details.

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