How does the spam filtering work?

Our servers use a Spam Assassin to filter incoming emails for spam. Our installation of Spam Assassin is well tuned, and should catch most spam.

By default, Spam Assassin will prepend the email subject with ***SPAM***, which can be used in mail rules within your email client to move or delete them from your inbox.

However, an easier method to keep spam away from your inbox is to enable the Spam Box settings with the Spam Assassin area of your site control panel. With the Spam Box enabled, anything that Spam Assassin determins to be spam will be automatically routed to a special spam folder, and out of your inbox.

This setting is not enabled by default, but we highly recommend you enable it for the best email experience.

To enable the Spam Box, follow these steps:

1. Log into your site control panel.

2. Look for the Spam Assassin icon in the Mail section of the control panel, and click it.

3. Ensure the Auto-Delete Spam feature is disabled (otherwise there is no point to the Spam Box).

4. Click the Enable Spam Box button (if it reads Disable Spam Box, it's already enabled.)

You'll get a warning about periodically clearing the Spam Box, but don't worry about that - we automatically delete anything in your spam folders that is a week old.

With the Spam Box enabled, you can keep spam out of your inbox, but also be able to access the spam folder in case something gets incorrectly tagged as spam.


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