Announcing the Leaver & Co. discussion/support forums!

  • Announcing the Leaver & Co. discussion/support forums!

  • Started by Troy,
  • at 03/07/2018, 15:27pm


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at 03/07/2018, 15:27pm

Part of our effort to improve our website and communications is the establishment of this new forum.
We hope this will be a place where our clients can meet each other and share tips, as well as ask us for advice or support of various products.
To start with, we've created forums in three separate categories:
1. General discussion, for non-technical related chit chat, and also this announcements forum.
2. Design and Marketing, forums for discussing the topics of website design, search engine optimization and internet marketing. (We may also be launching services in these categories in the near future, so stay tuned!)
3. Support forums for the services we offer: Hosting/cPanel, Video Streaming, Cloud Servers and Enterprise Email.
Please make use of this new resource to help it get off the ground!