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Changing Domain Name Registrars

Changing Domain Name Registrars

Sunday, March 3, 2024

(a.k.a. Inflation Sucks!)

We've already begun offering a new hosting panel to cut down on cPanel licensing costs which have been increasing every year since 2019. Now it's time to decrease our domain name registration/transfer pricing too!

Soon we plan to register and transfer domain names to a different domain name registrar which will achieve the following:

  1. Lower domain name pricing
  2. Provide free ID Protection (currently a yearly addon of $5.00)
  3. Increase supported TLDs from just a bit over 500 to over 1800

As existing domain names come up for renewal, we will transfer them to the new backend registrar internally. This will require clients to email verify their domain names after transfer.

Unfortunately avoiding email verification after transfer will result in your domain being suspended by the registrar (not us), so please pay attention to this! This is required by ICANN for any change of registrar.

You should expect a verification email from the new registrar, sent on behalf of MediaServe LLC but sent from no-reply@registrar.eu with the subject "Request for e-mail address verification".

You should expect another email from the current registrar on behalf of MediaServe LLC sent from do_not_reply@myorderbox.com with the subject "Transfer Confirmation for <your domain name>" This email should be ignored. It contains a link that will cancel the transfer which will be unnecessary and create problems.

Another unfortunate side effect for a few clients with managed DNS will need DNS records recreated for them, but we'll notify those few as the renewals come up. (This only affects clients using nameservers on the domain name dnsedit.pro)

If you have any questions please open a support ticket.

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