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cPanel Price Hike Again For 2024!

cPanel Price Hike Again For 2024!

Tuesday, November 21, 2023

A sad state for the company that used to be one of the best hosting panel software companies.

cPanel, Plesk and WHMCS are all owned by the same venture capital vultures since 2019, and all seem to be losing market share, circling the proverbial drain, while propping up their own revenues with price increases, as our clients have to face another inflationary cost component.

They're essentially turning us into the bad guys for them! Brilliant right?! So once again I highly recommend migrating to our new panel that will keep hosting prices at the previous level.

We will continue to support cPanel for as long as we must, but we can no longer keep the pricing as it was, not even where it is now, as we've already lost a TON of revenue since cPanel raised their prices yearly beginning in 2019.

For our clients though we promised to provide a migration path to a panel with lower costs before raising our cPanel pricing. For that we had to find the best option, which took us years while cPanel became our most costly price component, dwarfing our rackspace, power and bandwidth combined by a factor of 2.5 (and cPanel is raising them again for 2024!)

Here are the unfortunate ramifications

1. Shared and Reseller plans on cPanel servers will increase by $1/mo.
2. Managed VPS cPanel license fees will return to the full retail price listed at cPanel's pricing page. (Carefully notice cPanel's pricing goes up on December 16, 2024.) This means our cPanel licenses will no longer enjoy any subsidization on Managed VPS licenses after the new year.

These prices will increase effectively on January 1, 2024 per the 30 day advanced notice requirement in our terms of service.

I would once again recommend clients contain rising hosting prices by migrating to a new panel. We'll do the bulk of the migration work for you and give you advanced details of how the new panel functions before you make a final decision.

Migration to the new panel will become user driven in January, making migration easier for our clients, especially for resellers and Managed VPS clients hosting their own large quantity of cPanel website. In the meantime we'll provide an account by account migration in the order clients request migration, i.e. first come first served. However, resellers and Managed VPS clients with 5 or more cPanel accounts per plan will be have to wait until the user-driven feature is rolled out sometime in Q2 2024.

Dena Suarez
Thursday, November 30, 2023, 10:02 pm
What's the best way to let you know that we are interested in getting more details on migrating?
Piet van Weel
Sunday, March 3, 2024, 02:02 am
What are you considering migrating to instead of the cpanel group of software?