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MediaServe Pro 10.0.0 Update

MediaServe Pro 10.0.0 Update

Friday, December 15, 2023


  • MariaDB support.
  • Custom VirtualHost config for sites on Apache and Nginx in UI.
  • Ability to pre-install arbitrary WordPress plugins on a package level.
  • Ability to install arbitrary plugins from the WordPress plugin manager.
  • Ability to reset a customer's password on their behalf.
  • Newly created websites now have a local MySQL user which has credentials stored in a .my.cnf file allowing database access from SSH without needing to enter a password.


  • PHP 8.3 support.
  • Updated German, Spanish and Polish language packs
  • Georgian, Danish, Serbian, Bulgarian and Slovakian language packs (beta)
  • If no 'Global webmail domain' is given, the 'Webmail' button in a users account will now use mail.{customers_domain} to connect
  • Improved performance and caching for fetching of subscription usage.
  • Improvements to MySQL database upload/download through the panel.


  • cPanel importer can now import databases containing hyphens. Forwarders with destinations set to :fail: are skipped.
  • Deletion of a detected WordPress app no longer deletes the database if another WordPress app within the same website is using it.
  • cPanel importer now strips any AddHandler directives from the .htaccess file which may not be valid on MediaServe Pro panel.
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