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MediaServe Pro 10.3.0 Update

MediaServe Pro 10.3.0 Update

Friday, February 2, 2024


  • Ability to send system notifications to a Slack channel.One channel can be set per organisation.
  • One channel can be set per organisation.
  • A master organisation or reseller can now create unlimited name server hostnames.


  • Plesk importer UI improvements in dark mode.
  • Additional data points (3, 4, 5 and 6 days) added to 'Maximum backup retention' setting.
  • South Korean language pack (beta)
  • 'Move server' moved to sit beneath 'Websites' in the left hand spine.
  • Backup system is now more tolerant of files which change during a backup process.
  • Plesk importer can now handle backups created with no compression.
  • Plesk importer now handles backups containing empty mailbox passwords.
  • imapcd backups are now more tolerant of slow disk performance.
  • Improved tolerance of partially provisioned or externally removed backup users on the backup role.


  • Ability to transfer the ownership of a 'staging' website to another organisation.
  • 'Branding' setup step now correctly shows as completed for Resellers.
  • Activity log no longer shows for 'collaborator' users.
  • Issue with resellers being unable to unsuspend a website they had previously suspended
  • Plesk importer did not apply the document root correctly for the primary website.
  • Issue copying the database password hash from MySQL users created with caching_sha2_password on earlier versions of Enhance.
  • It is now possible for a normal user to import a cPanel/Plesk backup if no email role is installed anywhere on the cluster, provided that backup contains no emails.
  • DKIM setup instructions now showing correctly.
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