ePanel Update 9.5.1

Update to ePanel installed (version 9.5.1)
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Today we've updated our ePanel system to version 9.5.1.

Here are the changes documented in the changelog:

  • Let's Encrypt management panel;
    • A certificate can be requested on demand from 'Security' > 'SSL certificates'
    • All new websites and domain aliases will automatically gain a Let's Encrypt for mail[dot], if the DNS points to the current server. The customer can use this address to connect with POP/IMAP/SMTP in place of the server hostname.
    • Webmail will be accessible on mail.customerdomain. This will offer better performance than the centralised RoundCube installation where latency between your customer mail server and control panel server is high. Please note this is a separate instance of RoundCube and will not share calendar/contacts with the centralised RoundCube. This address is not currently shown to your customers.
    • On updating to version 9.5.0, Enhance will automatically attempt to add the mail.customerdomain Roundcube and SSL to existing websites and domains. It may take some time to issue all of the SSLs. This will happen in the background and no manual action is required.
    • On updating to version 9.5.0, all existing "server domains" will be converted to websites which have the kind "server hostname". This enables Enhance to request LetsEncrypt certificates using HTTP validation rather than DNS. These websites do not count towards your licence cost.
    • It should now be possible to issue LetsEncrypt certificates even where the website uses a caching proxy (such as CloudFlare).
  • A 'create account URL' has been added to Branding > Organisation;
    • If provided a 'create account' link will display on the login page
  • A white background has been added to the 2FA QR barcode while in dark mode
  • Branding styling preview has been moved inline
  • Colour visualiser added to Servers overview page > disk space
    • If any partition is over 90% an orange warning will show, over 95% a red warning will show.
  • Pagination and search functionality has been added to WordPress > Users
  • Server load graphs now abide by users locale
  • Logs on 'Move server' now display the date and time of each log entry
  • Mail and SQL IP added is now displayed on a websites 'At a glance' card
  • Improvements to logic for deletion of websites that may have been partially deleted in the past.

  • Resellers can now freely select a 'pre-installed application' (if enabled on their package)
  • Resellers with 2FA now see the correct spine items in all instances
  • The 'Backups' button in the quick link bar on a website dashboard no longer shows if a backup role is not assigned to the website
  • File manage nested file deletion fixed
  • Email quota now correctly reflects usage
  • Package > CPU > this input now accepts decimal numbers
  • Server placement during website cloning now abides by server overrides
  • File manager, redirects and FTP options failed to show for customers where application role placement was disabled on their assigned server.
  • Various translation fixes, including;
    • 'tar.gz' is now excluded from translations, 'WordPress version' has a translation key + updated Dutch translation

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