Can I host multiple sites on a single hosting package?

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Yes, with the exception of the smaller 5/50 plan you can! To add a second (or third, fourth, etc.) domain to your hosting plan, visit the Addon Domains icon in cPanel. It's in the domain section, which looks like this on the cPanel home page:

Click the Addon Domains icon, and you'll see a page with the following details to enter:

In the New Domain Name field enter the domain name you wish to add, without the www.

In the Subdomain/FTP Username field you can leave the default or change it if you wish. This will be the username for an additional FTP account with access to only this domain's files, as well as the subdomain of your primary domain name on which this addon domain will be parked.

In the Document Root field you will have a default, once you've entered a value in the New Domain Name field. We suggest removing the "public_html/" from the front of this field, so that you can create the addon domain in a directory that is outside of the primary site in public_html, making it less likely that you will interfere with the addon domain when working with the primary domain.

In the Password fields, enter a value to be used on the additional FTP account.

Click Add Domain, and your addon domain will be created! Aside from that, simply ensure your addon domain's dns servers are set to ours so that the domain points properly.

You will also be able to create email accounts specific to the addon domain, under Email Accounts (in the Mail section on the cPanel home page).

There are no extra hosting charges associated with using addon domains. There is of course registration and annual renewal costs for each domain name, but nothing extra to pay for the hosting.

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