How can I point multiple domains to my hosting plan?

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You may wish to point multiple domain names to the same site. This is common when you have multiple top level domains of the same domain name, for example, and Or, you may have spelling variations or a similar reason for needing to point multiple domains to the same site.

To acheive this, take the following steps:

1. Make sure all domain names you plan to park use the same nameservers as the primary domain where you'll be parking the secondary domain names.

2. Log in to your site control panel.

3. Look for and click the Parked Domains icon in the control panel. (Users still on Helm use Domain Aliases icon.)

4. Add each secondary domain name as a parked domain.

We also recommend that after you've parked your domains, you also click the Redirects icon and set up redirects from the parked domain names to the primary domain name. Search engines may punish your site rankings if they discover identical content on two different host names, and each domain name is a different host name. If you redirect all of your parked domains to the primary domain, you will avoid this potential problem.

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