Can I use third party DNS with your hosting?

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We do not support the use of third party DNS services when using our hosting or streaming services.

Our hosting control panel features an advanced dns zone editor which can be used to manage all but MX records for your hosted domains, and the MX Entry area of the control panel will take care of custom MX records and routing email through third party email services.

From time to time we may elect to move your website from one server to another, for hardware upgrade or load balancing purposes. If you use third party DNS, your website will stop working because the IP has changed after a server move. Load balancing issues especially can cause us to need to move a site quickly, and even though we'll notify you of the change, you may not have enough time to make the adjustment at your third party DNS provider.

If our dns servers are used, dns records are automatically updated when a site is moved. For this reason, we require that you use our dns servers for all domains you are hosting with us. You will not lose any dns records management flexibility by doing this.

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