Do you provide DNS record management with domain registration?

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We are a hosting company, and not a general purpose domain name registrar. We register domains for the purpose of hosting them for clients, or allowing them to point them to other hosting services by using the domain name's dns servers.

Some hosts, particularly those which are built around a proprietary website builder which will lock you into hosting with them forever (or abandoning the content you’ve created with them to move to another host) surprisingly do not provide their own dns servers for you to use, and expect you to manage your own dns records to point everything to their service.

If you need to be able to manage DNS records for your domain without hosting it with MediaServe, we offer DNS records management, but unlike some general purpose domain registrars, we do not offer it free of charge. Because DNS management can be complex, and generates support requests, it is a $10.00 yearly addon. You can order it while registering a domain name, or you can order it after the fact for a prorated amount by visiting the Addons link on the left side of the page when viewing your domain name details. (Start here and then click on the domain name you wish to manage.)

An even better option in our opinion is to use a FREE third party service. You're actually much better off using a third party dns service, because if you use the dns management service where you registered your domain name, if you transfer your domain name away you lose those records and have to recreate them at the new registrar. There will be down time involved unless you manage your dns records with a third party DNS service where you don't have to change dns servers if you transfer a domain name, leaving your dns records intact and functional throughout any transfer.

If you have registered a domain name with us and absolutely must be able to manage DNS records for the domain, we suggest you use this free DNS management service:

Simply set up an account and add your domain, set up the DNS records as you like them, and when everything is ready to go, change the domain's dns servers to theirs in our system, by following these steps:

1. Access your domain list.

2. Click the Manage Domain button to the right of the domain name to which you want to add dns records management.

3. Click the DNS Servers option and change the DNS servers to,, and Save the changes and you are done!

It can take 24-72 hours for the dns server change to fully propagate, so don't expect immediate results.

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