How do I renew a domain name?

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If you have a domain name registered with us, as the expiration date approaches, we will remind you five time, according to the following schedule:

1st reminder - 60 days before expiration.
2nd reminder - 30 days before expiration.
3rd reminder - 15 days before expiration.
4th reminder - 7 days before expiration.
5th reminder - on the date of expiration.

If you do not wish to renew a domain, please set it to not auto-renew.

To renew an expiring domain, you have the option of renewing manually at any time, from within your account, or waiting for our system to automatically generate a renewal invoice, which occurs 10 days before expiration. If you wait for the automatic invoice to be generated, please remember that only if you have a credit card stored on your account will we charge the renewal payment and renew your domain. Otherwise you must still manually log in to your account and pay the invoice, or send payment by mail.

To renew early, log in to the domain name area of your account here, click the icon to the right of the domain name, and then click the "Renew" button near the bottom of the page. PLEASE do not use this method if your domain is within 10 days of expiration. Instead pay the already created invoice which has been automatically generated, and your domain will be renewed. Otherwise, you'll have created and paid a new invoice, and left another unpaid on your account.

If the expiration date passes without the domain name being renewed, because your credit card on file has expired or otherwise cannot be charged, or you do not have a credit card on file and do not pay the renewal invoice, it will cease to function. You will have 29 days after expiration to renew the domain normally, after which the domain will enter redemption status. Our backend registrar,, charges $250.00, in addition to the normal renewal fee, to retrieve a domain from redemption status.

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