Can live streaming be recorded by the streaming server?

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The Wowza Media Server software we use for live streaming is capable of recording your live streaming directly on the server, but we don't use that feature, for several reasons:

1. Streaming performance could be adversely affected by the additional disk I/O that would be required for recording the live stream. We'd prefer that all the servers' resources be dedicated to your live stream.

2. If your encoder loses connection with the streaming server, even for a few seconds, you'll have a gap in the video, and the streaming server will start a new video file once the connection is reestablished. This means you could have multiple video files for a single live broadcast, making it difficult to use for on-demand purposes. If you are recording from the encoder, a disconnection from the streaming server will not affect what is being recorded at all.

3. Most clients need to trim excess footage of the beginning and end of the video, and also put a standard intro or title on the front end, and sometimes at the end. If the video is going to have to be edited in any way, it's best to record with the encoder and then edit the resulting file.

While having the server record your live stream may seem like a convenient feature, when you consider the above you'll probably agree that recording on the encoder side is better.

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