How do I get started with your live Wowza streaming service?

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If you've ordered service and are now wondering how to get started, hopefully this article will help get you up and running.

We have already created sample players for you to use, so your first task should be to simply verify that everything is working using those sample players.

To test live streaming using the sample player, simply follow these steps:

1. Download and install Adobe FMLE (free encoder) from Adobe's Website.

2. Retrieve your streaming details from within your MediaServe account. To do this, log in to the services area of your account here, click the View Details button next to your streaming service, and then click the Streaming Details tab. This page contains the informaiton you'll use in your encoder in step 3.

3. Launch Adobe FMLE and set your encoder settings:

A. In the video section, choose your capture/video device, change the format from VP6 to H.264, and click the Wrench icon to the right of the format and make sure the H.264 profile is set to baseline 3, so your video will be iOS compatible.

B. In the audio section, choose AAC if it is available (Mac only) or Mp3 if it isn't. If you've chosen Mp3, make sure Channels is set to Stereo, and Sample Rate is set to 44100 Hz, or the streaming won't be iOS/Android compatible.

C. In the Flash Media Server section, set the FMS URL to the Live FMS URL value located in your service details. The Stream value should default to livestream (if it's not set to livestream please change it.)

D. Click the Connect button, and when prompted for a username and password, enter the values found in your service details. Once you are connected, click the green Start button at the bottom of the FMLE window, and you're live!

4. Visit the live sample player URL from your service details to see the results.

If everything works, you're now ready to embed the video player wherever you plan to display your live streaming. That may be the same website where the sample player is located, if we're hosting it, or it may be an external website. To embed the player you can either copy the sample player page to your own website and then tweak it to match the look and feel, or you can copy the embed code from your service details into an existing page of your website.

If you have any problems getting your own player page to work, simplye open a ticket and let us know the URL to your player, and we can check your code.

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