How do I stream to the iPhone, iPod or iPad?

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In order for your streaming to be compatible with iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod), you need to ensure that your encoder is configured with the following settings in Adobe FMLE:

  • Video must be encoded with the h.264 codec (default is VP6 so you may need to change it.)
  • The h.264 profile must be set to baseline, rather than mainline (In adobe FMLE click the tool button next to h.264 to set this.)
  • Frames per second should be set to 30.
  • Keyframes should be set to every 4 seconds. (With some encoders this will be every 120 frame when using 30 fps.)
  • Check the timecode checkbox at the bottom of the video codec settings.
  • Be mindfull that higher bitrates can sometimes be harder to stream over cellular networks depending on your signal and data speed.
  • Audio should be encoded using AAC or MP3. AAC will give you the best compatibility across mobile platforms. AAC audio produced by Adobe live encoder on Mac should be fine, as AAC is native to the Mac, but on Windows the third party MainConcept AAC plugin is required. (Note: The MainConcept AAC plugin costs $180.00.)
  • If you use mp3 audio, for best results ensure it is set to stereo, not mono, with a sample rate of 44100 Hz (44.1 kHz).
The embed code found within your streaming control panel, on the Media Player page, is design to play on all platforms, including regular desktop browsers and mobile devices.
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