What file formats can I stream on-demand?

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Our flash streaming is capable of streaming Flash video (.flv), MPEG4/MPEG-TS video, Quicktime video and MP3 audio.

In order to stream successfully to the widest range of devices, including the iPhone, iPad and iPod, you should create mp4 files using the h.264 video codec with the baseline property set to 3.0, and either AAC audio (preferred) or mp3 audio in stereo with a 44100Hz sampling rate.

When you configure a flash player to play back these formats, the file specification requirements change depending on the type of file. A standard flash .flv file is specified with just the name of the file, no extension. A MPEG4 video is referenced with an mp4: prefix plus the full name, including extension, of the file.

The following are examples of how various on-demand videos might be referenced within JW Player code:

Regular Flash file named video.flv:

'file': 'video';

MPEG4 file named video.mp4:

'file': 'mp4:video.mp4';

Quicktime .mov file named video.mov:

'file': 'mp4:video.mov';

MP3 audio file named audio.mp3:

'file': 'mp3:audio.mp3';

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