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How to migrate a Wordpress website to MediaSeve LLC?

Migrating a WordPress websites from the curent hosting comapany to a new one can be daunting, but we've documented a two step process that is straighforward.

First Steps

First, order your WordPress hosting plan. It will be immediately provisioned. Familiarize yourself with the instructions we'll send you via email.

Then you'll install WordPress using our WordPress app installer to prepare the WordPress website where you'll migrate your content from the current hosting company. 

These steps take care of that process:

  1. Login to our system with your email address and passsword.
  2. Visit your website in the left side menu by clicking on Websites.
  3. Click on your website in the list to access the website management options.
  4. Note the URL at this location in It will look something like and the important part is your website id, the long string in this example being d20d6fa2-328e-40ea-9cA0-92a852429993. Note this value because it will needed in the second list of steps below.
  5. Along the top navigation bar click on the Apps menu.
  6. Install either WordPress or WooCommerce + WordPress and fill out the remainder of the necessary details.
  7. Once WordPress has been installed, you'll need to configure the connection that Migrate Guru will use to connect to our MediaServe Pro system, so on the top nav bar visit Advanced > Developer tools > SSH password authentication.
  8. Click the reset button, change the password (initially unknown) and click the Save button.
  9. Above the password will be connection details consisting of [username]@[ip address] which will be necessary to the second set of instructions below.

Second Steps

Now that you've installed WordPress on our MediaServe Pro system, you're ready to migrate from the current webhost. Log into the WordPress dashboard at the current webhost and follow these steps:

  1. On the left side menu, hover over Plugins and select Add New.
  2. In the Search plugins... box, enter Migrate Guru, then install the plugin and activate it.
  3. On the left menu, click Migrate Guru.
  4. Enter your email address, check the I agree to Blogvault Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy box and click the Migrate Site button.
  5. Click the Other Hosts button.
  6. Click the link labeled Manually Input Host Details.
  7. Fill out the Destination Site URL field as the URL to your Wordpress website (i.e. https://[your WordPress website domain name].
  8. Choose FTP Type as SFTP.
  9. Fill in Destination Server IP address as the IP address of your MediaServe Pro hosting server (this IP is shown in the MediaServe Pro system at Advanced > Developer tools > SSH password authentication i.e. from step 9 in the first list of instructions.)
  10. Fill in Port as 22.
  11. Fill in FTP Username as shown in the MediaServe Pro system at Advanced > Developer tools > SSH password authentication.
  12. Fill in FTP Password as (the password you reset at the same location in
  13. Fill in Directory Path as /var/www/[website id]/public_html (replace website id with the actual value from the first list of instructions, step 4.)
  14. Click the green Migrate button at the bottom.
    If you've properly configured the migration options, it will begin migrating and you'll be informed of the successful completion.