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Does a domain transfer fee include renewal?

Yes! Generally your domain registration will increase for an extra year unless you already have the domain name registered for into the tenth year into the future. The only other exception is in case of:

  • Your domain expires at your old registrar.  
  • You renew it at your old registrar.
  • You wait fewer than 45 days from the day it expired or fewer than five from the day you renewed it.
  • You transfer your domain to MediaServe (or any other registrar)

This only happens when the old registrar is refunded by ICANN, the registration is _reduced_ by one year, but the old registrar has lost the domain name and _doesn't_ refund the registrant. In this case the gaining registrar will still extend the registration, but ICANN will reduce it and leaving the expiration date as it was before the transfer.