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How do I install Kopage (website builder)?

  1. Kopage requires PHP 8.2 or 7.4 and the Ioncube loader. The default PHP version is 8.3, so you'll need to adjust the PHP version and also enable the Ioncube loader. To do this, visit > Websites > [your website domain] > Advanced > Developer tools and then you'll have access to PHP to change the PHP version, and IonCube loader where you can enable that.
  2. After the ioncube loader has been installed, please access your website via > Websites > [your website domain] > Advanced > FTP and create your first FTP account with the Directory value set to the same directory where the website will be stored (/public_html for the primary website, but differs for additional domains/subdomains.) Note the username and password to continue installing Kopage.
  3. Visit our Kopage installer at and browse the templates available. Select the template you'd like to begin with for your new website.
    Hover your mouse cursor over that template and click the Install button.
  4. Provide the Domain Name, FTP Username and FTP Password, and click the Continue button to proceed.
  5. On the next page enter your email address and leave the Install website in home folder option checked then click the Continue button to install Kopage to the website.
  6. Now you're ready to begin editing your website!