Audio Streaming


Shoutcast / Icecast Audio Streaming

Full featured radio / audio streaming system for online DJs or radio stations.
Web Based Panel
Live streaming radio, AutoDJ with easy browser based uploads
Available Audio Systems
Shoutcast v1, v2.5, v2.6 and IceCast
Robust Playlist Manager
Create playlists, reorder tracks on the fly without interrupting listeners

Radio Dashboard

Radio broadcasters and online DJs will enjoy their own panel with amazing features.

  • The panel provides everything your audio clients need to succeed with audio streaming.
  • The panel includes full AutoDJ, Shoutcast v1, v2.5, v2.6 and IceCast features.
  • Our SSL solution provides free SSL (HTTPS) to all radio versions, even SCV1 has SSL with our panel.

Advanced Playlists

Our audio panel has the most advanced playlist manager:

  • Simply drag & drop tracks to change the play order of a playlist,
  • A browser based drag & drop MP3 upload system for fast uploading.
  • Edit track metadata (full ID3V2) and play immediately.
  • Edit playlists without dropping any listeners.

Music Library

The music library allows your radio clients to create their own album folders and upload mp3 files to the folders by using drag & drop multi upload system on the same screen. The mp3 files then drag & drop from the center list to the left side on the playlists to add them into playlists. Powered fully by JQuery and Ajax.


Affordable Audio Streaming Plans!
per month
  • Up to 64 kbps Bitrate
  • 100 Concurrent Listeners
  • 10 GB Storage
  • 100 GB Monthly Bandwidth
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per month
  • Up to 128 kbps Bitrate
  • 250 Concurrent Listeners
  • 20 GB Storage
  • 250 GB Monthly Bandwidth
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per month
  • Up to 192 kbps Bitrate
  • 500 Concurrent Listeners
  • 30 GB Storage
  • 500 GB Monthly Bandwidth
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„This company is run very well and they have great customer service! I would highly recommend them! We use them to live stream our church services and found them to be a very good choice!”

— Dana S.