Video Streaming CDN


Live and On-Demand Video Streaming

Live broadcasting, video on demand and TV station scheduling into a single dashboard. Order a free trial and test drive our video streaming CDN for a full two weeks! No credit card required.
Automatically Adaptive
Our CDN supports live data connections with adaptive bitrates automatically, both for live broadcast and video on-demand.
TV Station Scheduling
Prerecorded media can be scheduled just like a TV station, giving your audience sychronization to the same schedule.
Video Streaming CMS
Create playlists and embed a video content management system into a page of your website with ease.

Video CDN

  • Global points of presence for efficient video delivery.
  • Unrivaled stability, performance and reliability.
  • Stream high quality content to Facebook, YouTube and others.
  • Manage your service with our robust CDN control panel.
  • View real time and historic usage and live viewer locations.

CDN Dashboard

  • Your CDN dashboard gives you easy access to all settings.
  • Multiple live channels gives you concurrent streams.
  • Players can be tailored to individuals channels.
  • Your events can be recorded and downloaded for other uses.
  • Analytics provides detailed statistics about your online viewers.

Embedded Video Player Customization

  • Tweak your embedded video player design.
  • Match your video player dimensions to your video source.
  • Tweak the colors of your video player to match your website.
  • Enable your video player to show a count of live online viewers.
  • Upload a logo or watermark image to brand your player.

Live Broadcast Channels

  • Create as many channels as your plan supports.
  • Assign custom video players settings to each channel.
  • Set your ID to enable Google Analytics to track your usage.
  • Choose whether you want to enable Publishing (i.e. Facebook/Youtube).
  • Enable recording, 30 minute rewind and set your bitrate.

Live Channel Options

  • See your channel status, viewer count, bandwidth usage and recording status.
  • Change your online status, encoding password and rewind options.
  • Create and manage publishers to send your stream to Facebook, YouTube etc.
  • View the settings necessary to configure your encoder and begin your broadcast.
  • View player code and configure a fallback video.

Encoder Setup

  • The encoder setup page will get your encoding up and running!
  • The unique server URL and stream key for your channel is provided here.

Embed Player Code

  • Tweak your embedded video player code to your specifications.
  • The IFRAME based code seamlessly integrates without requiring any JavaScript tags.
  • Your channel's HLS URL is provided in the event you want to use your own HTML5 player.

Stream to Facebook, YouTube, etc.

  • Use publishers to send your stream to Facebook, Youtube and Twitch.
  • The Custom RTMP option gives you the ability to ability to connect to any RTMP compatible destination (e.g. or similar).

Streaming Analytics

  • The Analytics page provides you with detailed real time and historical usage statistics.
  • Filter reporting by any custom date range you select.
  • View concurrent viewers, bandwidth and device/browser information.
  • View a global map of all your live viewers.


Smaller and larger plans are also available here, and don't forget that we offer a free trial!
per month
  • 250 GB Monthly Bandwidth
  • 5K Streaming Bitrate
  • Unlimited Viewers
  • Video On Demand
  • TV Station Scheduling
  • 25GB VOD Storage
  • 30 Minute Rewind
  • Live Recording
  • 1 Video Channel
  • Add to cart
per month
  • 500 GB Monthly Bandwdith
  • 5K Streaming Bitrate
  • Unlimited Viewers
  • Video On Demand
  • TV Station Scheduling
  • 50GB VOD Storage
  • 30 Minute Rewind
  • Live Recording
  • 2 Video Channels
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per month
  • 750 GB Monthy Bandwidth
  • 5K Streaming Bitrate
  • Unlimited Viewers
  • Video On Demand
  • TV Station Scheduling
  • 75GB VOD Storage
  • 30 Minute Rewind
  • Live Recording
  • 3 Video Channels
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„Recently switched our website to MediaServe and could not be more impressed. I had planned on spending the weekend moving the site. Was very happy when MediaServe took care of this for me. The moved the site and provided me the ability to preview prior to making the new site live.

I also switched out Live Streaming to MediaServe and it was all setup and ready to go. Tested the configuration with Wirecast and everything was good to go. Pasted the provided code into the website to display the stream, tested and we are up and running.

Communication with the support staff has been excellent. Thanks!”

— John S.