Nashville Web Hosting

Nashville Web Hosting
We are one of the few and oldest (since 1999) true Nashville website hosting providers in the area. Most of the Nashville area firms claiming to be hosting companies are primarily web design outfits or resellers who will host your website on a slow, "big box" host like GoDaddy.

We own and manage our own routers, firewalls, servers and related gear, with experienced technicians who keep our hosting services tuned and secured. 

We can quickly handle any issue that you might encounter with your online presence, without frustrating you with endless junior tech runarounds or indecipherable geek speak.
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If you're not wed to any particular CMS, let me introduce you to Kopage, the easiest website builder we've ever experienced!

WordPress Hosting

WordPress is the current king of content management systems. We offer high performance WordPress service.

Joomla Hosting

Joomla is arguably more secure than WordPress. Our ePanel platform will feature a Joomla installer (by N0v/2023)

Live / VOD Streaming CDN

A complete content distribution network for live streaming, video on-demand, TV station scheduling and an embeddable CMS.

Radio / Audio Streaming

Great for online music DJ and radio station broadcasts, complete with live audio broadcasting, AutoDJ and a audio media storage.

Robust Business Email

A exemplary replacement to Microsoft Exchange hosting without the high cost! All the Exchange features including teleconferencing and more!


Here are a few reviews from our clients. Many more are available at TrustPilot!
„MediaServe goes above and beyond in  to ensure the servers are top notch and running great. We have used MediaServe for over 10 years and the customer service provided for our Church and ministry websites that MediaServe hosts are absolutely wonderful. ”
Beaker Peeker
– Gary Petzoldt
„The customer service is great and even handled all the migration of my websites and domains. They were up without an interruption of service. The cost and value adds to the great service and I am already enjoying the great new relationship.
Hartwell Davis
– H T Paul Davis
„Best. Host. Ever. I've been a customer since 2002, and nobody has been able to drag me away (and I've evaluated and even had to use other hosts). Through Shared Hosting environments to today nothing compares to the quality of service you get for the price.”
Utopian Coffee
– Nathan Diehl